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What Can You Do To Save Sharks?

There are many ways you can join the mission to save sharks.

Get Involved

Whether it is going to an awareness event, signing a petition,  calling a local official about a bill, or voting on laws that could help save sharks, you are making a profound difference by getting involved.

There are many organizations with petitions regarding shark meat. Here are some websites that have petitions:                 

Be a conscious consumer

Avoid Buying Shark Products

Not only is shark found in shark meat, there is also shark in products like makeup and even dog food. You can do your part by reading the labels of items you buy to ensure that sharks are not being killed in order to make the product.  That being said, shark meat and fins are still sold as food in the United States... if you sea shark meat at a supermarket, do not buy it. Additionally, do not support restaurants that serve shark. Below is a link to a list of restaurants worldwide that sell shark fins (via                                                                                                                                                                          

Reduce Your Pollution

For the well being of sharks and so many other species, limit your use of plastic and other things that could end up as pollutants. Cut the problem off at its source and do not contribute to plastic waste. Pollution also includes carbon emissions, sewage, and noise pollution. You can cut these down by biking instead of driving your car, do not support businesses or hotels that release sewage into the ocean, etc. 

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