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About Free Our Sharks...

Free Our Sharks and Beyond is a youth conservation group working with The Free Our Seas and Beyond Youth Council.

Our passions lie in shark conservation and the overall well being of the ocean. We started this group because, we have seen drastic changes in the environment and in our own well being due to our impact on nature. In our lifetime alone, hundreds of millions of sharks have disappeared due to the constant threat of our human demand for wildlife.  We are not just finding numbers from scientists, we are living in this drastic change. We have seen sharks disappear in front of our own eyes... and we are not allowing it to happen. Our goal is to educate and show the public how amazing these creatures really are: beautiful, inspiring, and important... far from the Hollywood portrayal of man eating machines.

We hope to encourage you to love sharks like we do and to do your part to save these magnificent and important animals!